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Our Story

Our Story

The Bay Leaf Restaurant

Our journey is a heartwarming blend of a passion for food and a deep connection to community. The Fernie Golf Club’s restaurant is embarking on a new adventure under the management of the Bay Leaf Indian fusion restaurant, a cherished family-run establishment already thriving in Cranbrook and Creston. This marks a new beginning for us in the welcoming town of Fernie.

Chef and Owner Dilip Chand is at the helm, introducing a fresh and delightful dining experience to Fernie. Dilip’s culinary journey started in Nepal, where he honed his skills before gaining expertise in India and working for the Sheik of Bahrain. Intrigued by the charm of Canada, he further polished his culinary talents in various cities in Canada, including Ottawa and Kelowna. Dilip even explored the world of luxury ‘super yachts,’ showcasing his commitment to culinary excellence.

Dilip’s connection with Fernie began in 2014 when he fell in love with this beautiful town, reminiscent of his home in Nepal. Returning to Fernie brings immense joy to Dilip, who is eager to share his international culinary expertise with the community. Fernie is more than just a place of business; it is now his home, where he is not only making a mark in a new venue but also building a life and raising his family.

Dilip expresses gratitude for the unwavering support of his wife, Sangita, and her mother, along with his brother Sagar, in both business and caring for their two young boys. Their support is integral to the success of this culinary venture in Fernie.

Our Mission

Innovative Culinary Fusion

The mission of the Bay Leaf The mission of the Bay Leaf is to offer its patrons a unique twist on the traditional Indian favourites, complemented by a selection of familiar Canadian dishes. Dilip believes that the best food is created by keeping it simple to highlight the basic exotic flavors. Using his varied experience, Dilip’s idea is to create dishes that please the eyes as well as the taste buds! Whether you’re staying at the Inn with your family, or you’re a world traveller, you’ll find something tempting on the Bay Leaf menu.
Our goal is to make the club restaurant a local favourite, exciting both members and residents. We’re thrilled to be part of Fernie’s food scene and contribute to its lively dining vibe.
In addition, the restaurant features a full-service bar serving alcoholic beverages including some BC and local beers.


Where Tradition Meets Innovation Savor the Authentic Taste of India in Every Bite Experience a Culinary Journey with a Perfect Blend of Flavors


Elevating Taste with Quality Ingredients Discover a Symphony of Flavors Crafted from the Finest Elements Indulge in Culinary Excellence, Where Quality is the Main Ingredient


Unbeatable Flavors at Economical Prices Savor Affordable Culinary Delights without Compromising Quality A Taste of India that Fits Every Budget, Because Deliciousness Shouldn’t Break the Bank